Steps to speed up invisalign process

7 Steps to Speed Up Invisalign Process

Have you decided to go for Invisalign method for teeth straightening? Are you trying to choose between clear aligners and traditional braces? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you need to think if there are effective ways to speed up the Invisalign process. Well, you will be able to improve efficiency of your treatment by following necessary instructions of the orthodontist. Read on to know what you may do to lessen the timing of the procedure.

  1. Opt for AcceleDent – This is a suitable way to increase overall speed of Invisalign. You may use AcceleDent that can shift teeth efficiently so that you may change into your next set of aligners quickly. This will enable you to complete the procedure at a rapid pace. Without using AcceleDent, your teeth will shift as these aligners apply pressure to move. So, by using AcceleDent, the micro pulses will get distributed into your teeth by stimulating the flow of blood and enhancing speed at which your jawbone will be remodeling. Hence, the teeth will shift quickly by almost 50%, at times.
  2. Wear aligners for 22 hours in a day – It is essential to wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day for getting the most desired results. If you do not wear them for the specified time, then the treatment will take longer time than expected. It is suggested by the orthodontists that you wear these trays for the given time and leave hours in a day for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.
  3. Brush teeth before wearing your aligners – Though your dirty teeth won’t slow down the procedure, having cavities or other dental issues might delay the treatment. The formation of bacteria and plague inside your mouth may begin to break down the aligners and if you do not clean them daily with the right method, they can get more flexible and won’t be able to shift teeth efficiently. So, before you decide to put back the aligners inside your mouth, make sure your teeth are cleaned properly.
  4. Clean the clear aligners frequently – Some patients have the idea that they use toothbrush and paste for cleaning the braces like they clean teeth. But you need to know that toothpaste may cause damage to the aligners by forming tiny scratches inside them where the bacteria generally hide. Though this might not be a big deal, the bacteria will get the chance for breaking your invisible tray which can make the braces not that effective.
  5. Use attachments as suggested by the provider – With the introduction of Invisalign braces, it was just effective for treating minor problems. But now, the entire system has improved a lot so that it can help several people to solve their dental complications easily. According to your orthodontist, you should get an attachment for the braces which are known as “buttons.” They will speed up the treatment by applying more pressure on the particular tooth/teeth to shift them quickly. Thus, you can attain your straighter teeth with this option.
  6. Stay gentle with the braces – With time, you will forget that you have the braces inside your mouth. Most patients get used to them and they even try to eat with the braces in. Make sure you do not eat or drink anything while wearing the aligners as this can damage them completely. You need to be very careful with the braces so that you do not have to replace them before time.
  7. Consult with the orthodontist – If you are really worried that your treatment is not progressing soon, then you should talk to your provider and know the reason behind it. He will assess your entire case and then determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure. He may even suggest if other improvements should be done to your regular habits so that the treatment becomes more effective.

Thus, if you want to accelerate your Invisalign process, then you need to choose between aligners and traditional braces. These options will enable you to straighten teeth and boost confidence level.