Tips to Make Most of Invisalign

10 Tips to Make Most of Invisalign

Invisalign treatment is said to be a great orthodontic option for patients who want to realign the teeth without the traditional metal braces. If your Invisalign thinks clear braces are the right option for you, then they will suggest a customised treatment plan and guide you throughout the procedure. It is important that you go through the regimen provided by the Invisalign provider and know about the entire treatment properly. Go through 10 great tips on how you can lessen the issues and maximize the results from Invisalign procedure.

  1. Maintain a track of Invisalign schedule

    The Invisalign trays are usually changed in every one to two weeks. You need to follow the interval as it is there in the treatment plan. Your Invisalign providers in London will tell how often you need to change the trays for shifting teeth to their desired position. This way, you can achieve the most desired results. If you need to stick to the plan as suggested by the Invisalign provider, make sure you know when to wear the next set of Invisalign trays. You can note down in a planner to set reminders for the following Invisalign treatment plan. Make sure you remain on top in the Invisalign schedule and wear new aligners at the right time. When you delay to put in a new tray, then this will not set you back but it will slow down the process to accomplish the results as soon as possible. Make sure you attend the follow-up appointments so that the Invisalign provider may check in with you about the treatment progress.
  2. Put on new aligners at night

    When you wear a new set of aligners, then this will put pressure on the teeth thus, causing some discomfort or pain. This means Invisalign is working and the pressure of the trays usually moves your teeth to their desired place. When you know the aligners are doing their work, then this might bring some discomfort but you want to lessen the pain. You can do this by waiting till bedtime on the days when you have to put on a new set of aligners. This will enable you to sleep peacefully in the first few hours that seem to be most painful. Once you wake up, the teeth will probably feel sore but the worst part has already passed when you dreamt about restoring your gorgeous smile. OTC pain medication is helpful to alleviate the pain especially for the initial days of putting on the new aligner tray. Unlike any orthodontic treatment, even living with the best Invisalign in London may not be comfortable all the time but it is certainly worth the reward.
  3. Wear aligners at least 22 hours in a day

    You need to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day so that they may work properly. This might seem quite obvious but there are times when you need to remove them such as at the time of eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. You may also remove them during some particular occasions such as job interview or wedding purpose. Try to restrict these situations as removing the aligners unnecessarily might cause to exceed the maximum time you may leave them out in the day. Some patients may want to remove the Invisalign trays often as they do not like their present appearance. The truth is that it is quite common people around you will notice you are wearing something and these aligners can fit tightly around the teeth. Another reason for insecurity is many people speak with a slight lisp during early days of the treatment. This will go away once you get used to wearing your aligners and so, removing them often is not the answer. Your Invisalign provider suggests wearing the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day.

    This is especially important for the first two days when you put on the new set of trays. Patients who have attained success with Invisalign track the time they take out the aligners from their mouth so that they know their trays are not out for more than two hours throughout the day. The most suitable way for doing this is by setting a timer or stopwatch or on your watch or phone. Wearing the aligners will enable you to get the most from your treatment.
  4. Evaluate your diet properly

    You may not know that Invisalign has anything to do with your diet, but the fact is that it can affect your diet in several ways. If you have two hours throughout the day for cleaning teeth and taking meals, then you should avoid eating snacks that can be the reason for weight loss. Obviously, you don’t want to take snacks as removing aligners at the time of brushing teeth and putting them back in can be like investing more time into it. Some patients refer to this as “the Invisalign diet.”

    If you wish to lose your weight, then Invisalign diet may enable you to attain the objective as a side benefit. However, if you have a proper weight or are underweight, then it is necessary to take extra measures for maintaining the weight. This will include – drinking protein shakes or eating more calories during meals. Talk to a health care provider who can suggest an effective diet plan for you. When it is about drinking water, try to drink as much as possible. This is because your mouth may salivate excessively when you wear the aligners that could dehydrate you. You should not drink other beverages with the aligners in and so, drinking sufficient water is the best solution for your case.
  5. Carry a retainer case with you

    When you need to remove the trays, make sure you store them in a retainer case. Also, you can wrap up the trays with a clean cloth so that they may not get lost or thrown away. By using a retainer case, you can keep Invisalign aligners safe when you take them out and this ensures you know where to find them when it is time to put them back in your mouth. There are times when you need to remove aligners while you are out — whether it is at work or social gathering — it is smart enough to carry a retainer case all the time. You may want to keep it in your briefcase or purse. You may want to use more than one case so that you can store them without bringing one back and forth from home to office or other places. You can keep one case in your home and another at the office desk.
  6. Hold on to backup aligners

    You do not want to risk without wearing the aligners as the teeth might begin to shift back to their earlier position quickly. This might happen if your present set of aligners get damaged or lost in some way. It usually requires about a week for replacing a new set of aligners so that this does not allow shifting teeth and loosing the progress you have already made. Hence, you need to save the previous set of aligners in the form of backup even when you start wearing the next set. Once you get the replacement set in, you have to restart planned period for that set and adjust reminders for when to wear aligners again. In case there is a mishap with the aligners, then this might set the treatment plan back by one week. However, you might experience much worse in case you do not have the last set of aligners ready.
  7. Keep your aligners clean

    The clear aligners may lose their clarity to some extent in case you do not clean them properly or they are subjected to foods or beverages that can cause stain on them. Other than being cloudy, the aligners should be cleaned otherwise, they may develop an odor and feel icky in the mouth. You can clean aligners by using Invisalign Aligner Cleaning System which requires nearly 15 minutes removing plaque from the aligners with special cleaning crystals. You can even clean the invisible braces by using warm water and antibacterial soap. Make sure the water is not extremely hot as this might cause the aligners to become soft and then warp. You may use toothpaste to clean aligners, however you need to be careful with this method since some toothpastes have abrasive substances in them that can scratch these aligners.

    However, the scratches will go away from clear appearance of aligners that can form bacteria when they get deep enough. While wearing the aligners, it is advised not to smoking as they can cause stains on them. The only food or drink that can be consumed with the aligners in your mouth is water.  Make sure you do not take hot water as it can damage the thin plastic that the aligners are made of.  Certain drinks like tea or coffee cannot be consumed with aligners in as it may lead to greater risks for cavity thus, causing stains on the aligners or even warp the material.  You should not chew gums while the aligners are in since it might stick to the plastic.
  8. Keep your teeth clean and dirt free

    Though proper dental hygiene is vital for everyone, it is necessary for Invisalign patients. As the aligners fit properly around your teeth, the saliva cannot perform the usual task of washing away bits of food, bacteria and plaque. If you want to keep the teeth healthy and lessen the attack of cavities, make sure you brush and floss daily and remove the aligners at the time of eating and drinking. This is an important step to avoid taking colorful foods and beverages that cause stain to the teeth and your aligners.
  9. Use whitening toothpaste

    Invisalign aligners can keep the substances inside your mouth without letting them to wash away. In fact, when it is about teeth whitening treatment, there is certainly huge benefit to it. There is no appropriate time to get your teeth whitened with whitening toothpaste than performing an Invisalign procedure. The trays keep remnants of the toothpaste such as fluoride and whitening agent from washing away after brushing. The orthodontic patients who wear metal braces are encouraged to wait till the braces come off to whiten teeth and avoid uneven coloring on them. However, Invisalign patients do not need to wait for long rather, they can start with whitening so that your smile becomes brighter and the teeth are aligned properly.
  10. Use a retainer after the treatment is over

    If you want to get the most from Invisalign treatment, then it is important to maintain your attractive smile. Your teeth might have an irritating way of moving back after you get them straightened. Your Invisalign provider will talk about what should be done after the treatment gets over. This means you need to wear the final set of clear aligners for a long time and then transitioning to putting on a retainer.  Your provider can help you to know how often your retainer need to be worn daily and when you should get it changed for the best way to maintain your smile.

You may visit Dental Clinic London where our Invisalign providers and dentists consider proper care and treatment of patients to be their top priority. If you want to know more about the Invisalign treatment or other kinds of cosmetic dentistry procedures, then get in touch with reliable dentists at the clinic and undergo the treatment from safe hands only. Thus, you can be assured of getting the treatment done in a comfortable and safe way.