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White Filling at Dental Clinic London

White fillings are a tooth-coloured glass and plastic combination that helps to restore broken or damaged teeth and are worn down due to nail biting or tooth grinding. They are used in cosmetic improvement of your beautiful smile by changing the teeth colour and giving proper shape to uneven teeth. They are a natural alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings.

White fillings can be used in the front and at the back of your mouth. They are the most suitable way to restore strength and function to damaged teeth. Your dentist may restore cracked or chipped teeth with white fillings to give them a natural look and feel. It can also be used for closing gaps between teeth, giving proper shape to short or uneven teeth and filling cavities caused due to tooth decay.

At Dental Clinic London, our team of trained dental professionals will build up white fillings to create the perfect, yet invisible restorations that will blend with your sweet smile.

White fillings help correct small dental problems and provide a quick yet affordable way to rectify various situations such as:

  • Cracks.
  • Chips.
  • Tooth discoloration.
  • Tooth decay and cavities.
  • Reshaping short and uneven teeth.
  • Closing spaces between the teeth.
  • Replace amalgam or metal fillings.

How white fillings are placed:

The dental surgeon will place white fillings in layers using a light, particularly made to make each layer hard. After inspecting the tooth, he will pick a colour for white filling that will match with your natural teeth. He will shape a white filling to fill in any gaps or cracks so that they fit the tooth properly. He will then polish the white fillings to prevent wear and tear and staining. This means that the new filling will have the same colour and shape as your natural teeth, giving you the perfect smile that you have always wanted.

Some advantages of white fillings:

  • Restore broken, crooked or damaged teeth and teeth cavities caused due to decay.
  • Colour can be blended to normal tooth colour for making them look natural.
  • Can be used as a veneer over discoloured or stained teeth.
  • Preparation and treatment will require less time.
  • Combined with other dental treatments, such as bridges, crowns and inlays.

How long will the white filling treatment take?

White fillings can be done in one visit, unless you need to treat multiple teeth. Depending on the size and number of fillings, the process may take from half an hour to a few hours.

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Questions on white fillings:

Why should you choose white fillings?

White fillings look just like your natural teeth. Most people are conscious about the way they look and so they don’t prefer to choose silver fillings.

Are white fillings equally good like silver amalgam fillings?

White fillings last longer when compared to silver amalgam fillings. How long the white filling will last may depend on where it is placed in the mouth and how your teeth come together when biting. Your dentist may be able to tell you about how long your fillings should last.

Are white fillings pricey?

Well, the cost may vary depending on the size, kind of white filling used and the time needed to complete the treatment. Our dentists will give you an idea of the cost before you go for the treatment.