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Tooth Contouring in London

Where your smile is concerned, the straightness and whiteness of your teeth will usually be what you want to see.

Often there will be several factors that might compromise your smile such as broken or cracked teeth, slight overlaps, uneven wear or a tooth that is a different shape or size to the others.

The positive news is that these and other defects can be easily fixed with some tooth contouring.

At Dental Clinic London, we provide an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry procedures and our team of dentists have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in this area of dentistry. If you need to have one tooth or several teeth corrected, we will help you attain an attractive smile and confident look.

Will my teeth need to be contoured?

Tooth contouring will re-shape your teeth if they are slightly damaged or crooked.

Dental contouring is said to be a cosmetic procedure on the upper teeth that is visible when smiling with your central, lateral and canine teeth.

Other than improving aesthetics of your gorgeous smile, the treatment can be of great help of your oral health and hygiene habits. If tooth contouring can be used to fix the problem of an overlap, then you will find it easier to keep your teeth clean once the treatment is done and it may help you avoid gum disease and tooth decay.

There are situations when tooth contouring might not be the ideal option since other concerns should be addressed too that include - tooth decay or other alignment issues. Your dentist will discuss these problems with you and suggest the right treatment.

How will tooth contouring work?

If you want your teeth contoured or re-shaped, then you may have to see a dentist at least two or three times.

At your first visit, the dentist will discuss about all possible options and assess your teeth condition to know if dental contouring is the perfect choice for your case. This might involve getting your teeth X-rayed at the clinic.

The second visit involves doing most of tooth contouring works and by using different tools such as drill and polishing equipment, the dentist will remove small amounts of tooth carefully to form it into your desired shape. As small parts of outermost layer of the tooth are removed only, most patients will perform the procedure without taking anaesthetic or getting any kind of pain.

Based on the amount of work to be done, your tooth reshaping session will usually be thirty minutes to an hour.

The dentist will usually ask you to visit again for follow up appointment. During this visit, the teeth will be assessed, and minor touch-ups should be done. You will get the suitable chance to ask your dentist any questions related to the treatment.

How long will tooth contouring last?

These treatments are predictable and repairable. Teeth Contouring will last a long time as the teeth will remain in position until the teeth naturally move over the years. Bonding averages 7 to ten years.

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How much will teeth contouring cost?

At Dental Clinic London, we charge around £150 to £300 for cosmetic dental contouring for each tooth. You will get a discount if you need more than one tooth treated. Tooth reshaping is an affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment that can help to improve your smile and appearance.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure at Dental Clinic London

If you are think tooth contouring might improve your smile or you have any questions related to dental hygiene, feel free to contact us on 020 71830527.

Our clinic is located in London and we have created a comfortable and relaxed environment so that the patients feel at ease. We can help you with a varied range of cosmetic dental services and our experienced team will be pleased to discuss your needs with you to ensure that the ultimate result is a smile you will love.