Invisalign: Procedure, Cost and After Care - Small

A Guide to Invisalign: Procedure, Cost and After C

One of the biggest achievements in orthodontic treatment is Invisalign. But it has modulations that need to be comprehended. If you are considering Invisalign invisible braces  for yourself and child, out of your research, you will want to know ...

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Cost of Invisialign Treatment for Teeth Straightening Small image

Cost of Invisialign Treatment for Teeth Straighten

Do you want to straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth? Well, you may choose the Invisalign treatment over the conventional braces as they are more discreet and the cost is relatively similar to the metal braces. Aligner trays cannot replace trad...

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A Cheat sheet on Invisible braces-small Image

A Cheat Sheet on Invisible Braces

The invisible Invisalign aligners are the miracle of dentistry in the last few years. Do you remember how your friends looked when they used to wear braces during their high school years? The Invisalign aligners will make your teeth not only straight...

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Root Canals that comes out to be successful-small

Treatment of Calcified Root Canals That Comes out

There are 2 stages for calcified root canal treatment: Find the majority of the canals in the tooth. Clean the majority of the canals you find. Hypothetically speaking, effective root canal treatment in London is simple. Many dental e...

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Porcelain Veneers Small

6 Signs You Are in Need for Porcelain Dental Venee

Are you unhappy with your unattractive smile? If yes, then you must be thinking about the popular cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve your appearance and smile. You will come across porcelain veneers in the search for cosmetic dentistry and get ...

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Common Geriatric Dental Problems-small

3 Common Geriatric Dental Problems to Stay Away Fr

Dental problems don’t come with age. One can develop an issue with their mouth at any point of life. Yet, there are certain problems that are more likely to crop up when you reach a more advanced age. After all, the lifelong effect of normal we...

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Dental Implants Small

The Risks and Benefits Involved in Dental Implants

Dental implants is the most realistic solution to tooth loss. The procedure involves invasive surgery to place a biocompatible metal post in the missing socket of your gumline. This acts as the anchoring roots of your missing tooth. Lastly, an artifi...

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battersea dentist & oral hygiene

Adopting a proper oral hygiene for children

Healthy and strong teeth will ensure lifetime security without the fear of dental problems. When a child is born, from that moment, a baby learns how to act with their respective environment. A child learns pretty quick. A child learns how to take c...

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Sensitive Teeth after Teeth Whitening  Small

Tips to Deal with Sensitive Teeth after Teeth Whit

The outermost enamel covering of the tooth easily picks up stains. As a result, the teeth undergo discolouration and lose their natural brightness. Teeth whitening offers the best solution to help the teeth regain their brightness. This cosmetic dent...

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Teething Care of your Baby sm

Proper Care of Your Baby during the Teething Phase

The teething phase of a baby is painful for both the parent and child. Some specific signs and symptoms are noticed prior to the eruption of the first baby tooth. If you are noticing some particular symptoms of pain and change in behaviour of your li...

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Bad Dental Habits

4 Bad Dental Habits that Bring You Back to Dental

So, you are facing dental problems in a regular basis in spite of taking good care of your teeth and gums? You brush and floss your teeth regularly, use fluoride toothpaste and visit your dentist every six months to enhance your oral health. Yet, the...

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