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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatment London

If you experience neck pain, jaw pain, migraines or headaches, our dental professionals at Dental Clinic London can help by offering treatment for the jaw joint.

What is a TMJ disorder?

TMJ disorder is a common condition that affects the jaw joint, causing several discomforting symptoms, including jaw pain. Non-surgical treatments are available to treat TMJ disorders. These solutions can permanently correct TMJ disorders, so you don’t have to suffer from TMJ and it's side effects. Surgery is usually the last treatment option.

TMJ disorder treatments vary and are specific for each patient, depending on the exact cause of the disorder. Our experts will review your symptoms and then examine your teeth, including restorations, your teeth position and the extent of wear.

Treatment usually starts with wearing a bite splint, also called a hard bite guard, Michigan splint or Tanner splint to allow the teeth and jaw to find a more natural and balanced position. Our expert can also offer a more permanent solution when your teeth and jaw are more balanced, and your symptoms have subsided.

This may include teeth straightening treatments (orthodontics), restoring the teeth, or a combination of these treatments. We may also offer neuromuscular dentistry, focusing on the jaw position, tissues and teeth surrounding it.

Our dentist is a lecturer on this topic and has a passion for treatments of TMJ disorder.

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What causes TMJ disorder?

  • An unbalanced bite

    Uneven and bad bites, early tooth contacts, severe underbite or overbite, cross bites, deep bites are the some causes of TMJ disorder. A bad bite may result from tooth loss, thumb sucking, trauma to the teeth, and airway problems.

  • Growth discrepancy

    The timings and genetic skeletal anatomy of growth can cause assymetries in the jaw joint. Misalignment of the ligaments, muscles and bones can also cause TMJ later in life.

  • Trauma, injury or impact

    A serious impact on the head or body can affect the muscles and joints in your neck, face and head. This may cause TMJ and its side effects, such as pain, discomfort and irritation.

    Sometimes even a faint of fall could start a problem with the bite and or TMJ.

  • Unbalanced dental treatment

    Orthodontic and dental treatments which cause asymmetry in the mouth may affect your bite, resulting in TMJ problems. Such as a crown that is very high or a brace that moved some of the back teeth into the bite path.

Symptoms of TMJ disorder

  • Tension headaches
  • Teeth clenching
  • Face and jaw pain
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Migraines
  • Teeth grinding during sleep and reduced quality of sleep
  • Clicking when closing or opening the jaws
  • Locking if the jaw
  • Ear fullness and hearing noises

These symptoms usually worsen during periods of anxiety, stress or tension. When stressed, many people grind or clench their teeth while sleeping. This puts a lot of pressure on the jaw joint, causing disharmony in the joints and surrounding muscles. This results in the above symptoms.

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Treatment for TMJ disorder

The main treatments for TMJ disorder include:

  • Bite splints

    Bite splints are an important dental device for the treatment of TMJ problems. They treat temporomandibular issues, protect the teeth from wear and damage, and stabilise the bite. This treatment helps restore the jaw-muscle function and reduce pain by balancing the bite.  

    When bruxism is a possible cause of TMJ disorder, the dental professional will take a scan of the teeth and bite to make an intraoral appliance called an occlusal splint using acrylic resin.

    Bite splints need to be properly fitted and reviewed in the mouth to allow for proper treatment of the TMJ.

    This is usually worn at night but can be used during the day.

  • Invisalign to correct bite and TMJ problems

    Invisalign clear aligners gradually shift teeth to their desired position and reduce stress on the temporomandibular joint. This significantly reduces TMJ disorder symptoms, but Invisalign treatment doesn’t give an overnight solution.

    The process is complex and not without some difficulties and our dentists are able to help with this.

  • Physical treatment

    The physical treatment for TMJ disorder usually includes physiotherapy (exercises and massages), ultrasounds, massage and Osteopathic solutions

  • Drug treatments

    The common drugs prescribed for TMJ disorders include anxiolitics, anaesthesia, painkillers, anti-inflammatories, antidepressives and muscle relaxers.

  • Psychological treatment

    When the cause of TMJ disorder is mind based (depression, anxiety), psychological treatment is necessary.

TMJ treatment cost at Our Clinic

The cost of TMJ treatment depends on the severity of the conditions. Our TMJ specialist will examine your bite and teeth during your initial consultation to determine your condition’s severity. A custom-made basic bite guard is suitable for many patients, but for more severe conditions or when the jaw joint clicks, a more specialised hard acrylic bite guard made specifically for the patient is necessary.

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Care at Dental Clinic London

A visit to an experienced dental professional is the first step to treating TMJ disorder. During your initial consultation, the dental professional may also diagnose separate, symptomatic or causal oral conditions that need treatment.

Our dental professional will also consider other possible jaw conditions in your case to ensure effective treatment planning. If TMJ is the main issue, we will offer excellent care and treatment focused on minimum intervention to achieve an effective result.

TMJ disorder can cause pain, loss of jaw function, and issues affecting other body parts. The discomfort may affect core functions such as speaking and eating, so early and effective treatment is important.

Good oral function is essential to enjoying a healthy life. If you experience any TMJ disorder symptoms, contact Dental Clinic London at [email protected] or 020 7183 0527 to book an appointment with our dental professional.

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Frequently asked questions

About one in ten people in the UK suffer from jaw joint problems. But this condition is more common in men than women.
Yes, there is. The main causes of TMJ disorder include grinding and clenching the teeth, often resulting from stress. It is possible to treat such issues and by choosing an appropriate treatment plan, you can correct TMJ problems.
Yes, there is. You can undergo treatment for TMJ disorder at Dental Clinic London. Our highly experienced specialists have successfully treated several cases of TMJ disorder.
Nothing serious will happen if you don’t treat TMJ, but it leaves you in pain and tension, which may result in depression or anxiety.
No, it isn’t. TMJ disorders are treatable with the right treatment plan. You can consult an experienced dentist for TMJ disorder treatment.
TMJ is a dental problem resulting from teeth clenching or grinding while sleeping.
Yes, they are. Mouthguards are the least invasive treatment option for TMJ pain. However, you cannot wear your mouthguard at all times. Dentists recommend wearing them at night to prevent further teeth grinding and aid better sleeping.
Most patients need a custom-made soft guard. In more severe cases, or when clicking jaw joint occurs, a hard acrylic bite guard is custom-made for the bite, and teeth are necessary.
There isn’t a specific treatment duration for TMJ, but it takes about 1 – 3 months to stop experiencing pain. Therapies like facial heat massage, specific jaw exercises, stress reduction exercises and massaging can help provide instant relief.
In a few cases, the pain may resolve without treatment, but in most cases, treatment is necessary.
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