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Invisalign Lite London

Invisalign Lite works in the same way like traditional the Invisalign system. This treatment has particularly been made for less complicated cases that can be cured within a short amount of time.

Who can go for Invisalign Lite?

Invisalign Lite is most suitable for individuals who need minor orthodontic work such as crooked or cracked teeth, small gaps, overcrowding, alignment and positioning. It may also be perfect for the ones who had an orthodontic treatment earlier and found that their teeth have moved slightly over time.

How does the process work?

Invisalign aligners will help to straighten your teeth by applying pressure on the specific teeth at different times. Being made for your specific teeth, they are worn for two weeks. When you begin to replace each aligner with the next set, your teeth will move gradually to their final position. You will have to change aligners 10 - 14 times over time, with treatment time being 6 months on an average.

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What are some advantages of Invisalign Lite?

  • There are usually 10 - 14 stages of aligners.
  • The time period is short for the entire treatment.
  • It uses clear and removable aligners like other Invisalign options.

What is the cost of Invisalign Lite treatment?

Invisalign Lite has been particularly made to treat individuals who are suffering from mild dental problems. It is considered to be affordable as you need to contact your dentist in London a few times only.

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5 Star Client ReviewWhen a sudden toothache interrupted my London trip, I had the good fortune to be referred to Dr. Wahab Shakir.
He was exceptionally through, identified the problem(s), and provided me with an action plan (report and x-rays) to convey to my dentist back in the States. He also prescribed the really helpful medication I needed for my flight home.
He truly was a godsend, and I am most grateful!!

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5 Star Client ReviewI have been a patient for the last year and I have always been satisfied with the treatments I received. The dentists, their assistants and the receptionist are friendly, informative and very professional.
The clinic is modern and well equipped.
I recommended this clinic to all my friends and few of them went there. They were extremely pleased- and I must say that I wasn’t surprised.

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5 Star Client ReviewThe kindest and most professional dentist I have seen in London. Not only the dentist, but also the other staff. They show honesty and understanding and they handled my emergency without any objections. I visited this practise for a cavity feeling. The dentist made it fun, and his work was truly professional! Highly recommended!

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5 Star Client ReviewI have been in London for two years and have had to go to the dentist twice for quite important operations (a root canal treatment and an extraction).
The staff of the clinic is kind and efficient, I immediately felt in good hands.
Dr. Fabrizio Castellari is simply one of the best dentists I've ever had: serious empathic and able to work in total absence of pain.

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5 Star Client ReviewThis is a top notch dentist who makes you feel at ease which for someone liked me is important. The staff are very professional, polite, courteous and friendly. Marios, my dentist is extremely patient and cares about your dental care and the service you receive. Just received my new dentures and they have been done to a very high standard and am very pleased. I have nothing but praise for the staff and the treatment/service I received.

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5 Star Client ReviewBest dentist I have ever found. Thank you for everything.

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