Importance of Six Month Smile for Your Improved Look

Many people believe that orthodontic treatments have to take months or years to get the desired smile, whereas six month smile braces does it in just six months. The tooth-colored wires and clear brackets blend discreetly into the teeth and no one can notice them easily as they are almost invisible.

Six month smiles versus comprehensive orthodontic treatment

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment is done with traditional train track braces that usually requires nearly 12 to 18 months. This is mainly due to the fact that the front and the back teeth need to shift properly in order to achieve the perfect smile. However, not every patient requires a comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Many patients are concerned about the appearance of their front teeth and are satisfied how they bite together.

In such cases, six month smiles focuses more on getting your front teeth straightened within six months. Obviously, not everyone can complete the treatment within six months and the treatment timing varies from four to nine months on an average.

Why do six month smiles work quickly?

Instead of a mouth full of wires and brackets, these clear brackets and memory wire shift only the front teeth that become visible when you smile. Since six month smile is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment, it is less involved than comprehensive orthodontics that might require nearly two years or more for the completion of the treatment.

The memory wire puts continuous force to the teeth and shifts them into proper alignment throughout the course of the treatment, which requires six months, on an average.

Some orthodontic conditions suitable for six month smiles are the following:

  • Overcrowded or overlapped teeth.
  • Uneven spaces or gaps in between the teeth.
  • Over and underbite.
  • Protruding front teeth.

Mostly, six month smile in London is not the right solution for complex orthodontic conditions that can affect the bite or jaw function. It is mainly used to make your smile appear more attractive and improve its overall appearance.

Who is not the suitable candidate for six month smiles?

It is important for any patient to go for six month smile if they have crowded, crooked or spaced teeth. This is said to be a quick and cost effective alternative to a comprehensive orthodontic treatment. However, if you have a complicated situation or you want to shift your back teeth or change the way your teeth bite together, then this might be the right option for you.

What are the options to six month smiles?

If you are finding a comprehensive solution, then there is the choice of equally discreet options. Lingual braces can be fitted just behind the teeth, while Invisalign helps in teeth straightening with clear and removable aligners that can be removed at any time you desire.

Thus, if six month smile seems to be a good option but you do not like wearing fixed braces, then talk to your dentist at the Dental Clinic London about it. He can suggest how to treat mild crowding, over-spacing or gapped teeth so that you can get a perfectly straight smile and become confident again.