Cost of Invisialign Treatment for Teeth Straightening

Do you want to straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth? Well, you may choose the Invisalign treatment over the conventional braces as they are more discreet and the cost is relatively similar to the metal braces. Aligner trays cannot replace traditional braces in anyway. As the cost of Invisalign in London can be compared with traditional braces, the treatment has gained immense popularity among patients.

How much will Invisalign cost?

Invisalign costs in London start from £1800 - £3500 for Invisalign Lite, £1200 - £3000 for Invisalign i7 and £2500 - £5500 for Invisalign full. You may get these aligner trays  from an orthodontist only. Other brands such as damon clear can be obtained only from dental professionals and the price is similar to the invisible braces.

There is a cost calculator for the treatment that enables you to get estimation for the amount you need to pay for it. The cost of Invisalign depends on several factors such as the severity of alignment issues, treatment time, experience of the Invisalign provider and location.

Other costs of Invisalign treatment

You are already aware that you need to pay for the aligner trays themselves and the charges of your Invisalign provider. However, these costs can be broken down even further so that you know exactly what you are paying for. By comparing and sorting out these fees, you can actually save money on the braces. Some Invisalign providers might ask you to pay for the initial consultation. X-rays might be required and your orthodontist charges somewhere around £1800 - £3500 for Invisalign Lite, £1200 - £3000 for Invisalign i7 and £2500 - £5500 for Invisalign full. It is a good idea to perform the dental X-rays somewhere else and then bring them to your orthodontist as this will bring the cost down.

You need to continue with the procedure for a few months or say, years after the initial phase of the treatment. If you have less severe alignment problems, then you may save money through a more suited treatment plan.

Different ways to lessen the cost of invisible braces

Know your local market – You need to talk to different Invisalign providers and enquire about the prices in the area. When you ask them directly, it is the most suitable way to determine what you should expect to pay in your area. Make sure you conduct thorough research of the Invisalign providers before choosing the one for your treatment.

Pay in terms of cash – Most dentists will provide a significant discount when you pay cash. This helps to avoid any credit card fees and brings the money quickly and directly to the Invisalign provider.

Negotiate on the price – You may negotiate for the price of the treatment with your orthodontist and agree upon the one you can actually afford. You might get them to reduce the consultation or X-rays fees by informing them what other Invisalign providers in the area are offering.

Use the Invisalign as directed – Invisalign will work the best when you wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. In case you didn’t follow, the longer your treatment takes to complete, the more expensive it is likely to be.

The only way to ensure quality dental care and treatment by wearing invisalign braces for the amount of time that is suggested by your London Invisalign provider. Thus, you will not only have straighter teeth but also improve your overall appearance.