A Cheat Sheet on Invisible Braces

The invisible Invisalign aligners are the miracle of dentistry in the last few years. Do you remember how your friends looked when they used to wear braces during their high school years? The Invisalign aligners will make your teeth not only straight over time, but will replace the ugly look that braces give out.

Still, there is much confusion that exists regarding the effectiveness of the Inivsalign aligners. Can it straighten the teeth perfectly? Does it create any additional pressure on the teeth and so on? Keep patient as we will clear it all for you in this blog.

Invisalign: Introduction

Before proceeding further, first let us introduce you to the invisible Invisalign aligner. It is a modern teeth-straightening solution which is both removable and transparent.

It is a great substitute to metal braces as it is virtually imperceptible and cannot be noticed with naked eyes. It is intriguing to self-conscious people who know how metal braces can create an impact on their appearance.

Invisalign: How does it perform?

After a thorough consultation and check-up, if the dentist finds that you are the right candidate for Invisalign, then you will be provided with the aligner. The aligner is made up of BPA-free plastic and comes with customisable fitting. You will be advised to wear it 20 to 22 hours a day. There are many clinics of Invisible aligners London from where you can buy it.

It is very effective for straightening your teeth from the very first day and you have to swap it out once every two weeks for the new aligners to be fitted. In some rare cases, aligners are attached with buttons which encourages traction to the teeth. You must remember that it is an alternative process.

Invisalign: The time taken to straighten the teeth

It is true that the time taken to reach the level of perfection varies from person to person, however, there is an average. Invisalign aligners take around 9-12 months to straighten your teeth to perfection.

On the completion of the first year, Invisalign patients wear this retainer only at the night time. This will assist them to maintain the attained result and keep their teeth in perfect shape.

Invisalign: Various methods to take day-to-day care of your teeth and aligner

You already know that it is mandatory to wear the braces for long 22 hours to retain your teeth in perfect shape. You have to remove it during brushing and eating as food particles can damage it badly. Generally, it is highly recommended to avoid hot beverages but if you prefer you can have them after removing the aligner from your mouth.

You must remember that heat causes expansion in solid that deforms the aligners. Moreover, brushing is crucial after eating food every time because trapped food particles can influence the build-up of bacteria and cause you to end up with tooth decay. Additionally, you have to visit your dentist frequently to check the condition of your teeth and get a new set of Invisalign (if required).

Invisalign: How much does invisalign cost to get an invisible aligner?

You can find varied deals on Invisalign near you as the total expense is directly proportionate with the time period of your treatment. Cost of invisalign aligners in UK varies mainly because different orthodontists charge different prices for it.

In contrast to less complicated issues, the cost for the complicated issues will be higher. If you have dental insurance then it will definitely cover this expense, making the treatment completely worth it.

Invisalign: What result can you expect from it?

Of course, your expectation from Invisalign is probably quite big, but you mustn’t neglect how much your teeth are crooked. Moreover, its outcome is proportionate to your diligence of wearing the aligner. Apart from teeth straightening, other issues are also accounted by it such as crossbites, overcrowding, underbites, overbites and gaps.

Earlier, metal braces used to be an excellent treatment that was able to address these issues, however, since the improvement of Invisalign, traditional braces are quick to be replaced as it looks better and is likely to be a lot more efficient and quick to solve your dental problem.

Invisalign or Braces: Which is great and more affordable?

Both metal braces and Invisalign serve varied yet comparable result to the people with crooked teeth. The expense of both of these treatments is comparable too. Given below are the detailed differentiations between these two for your reference:


The dentist will map your mouth digitally and check your Invisalign eligibility. On the other hand, for metal braces, digital mapping will be performed for 45 minutes.

First Month

You have to go for a check-up every 2 weeks to customise the set and Invisalign’s fittings. After the installation of metal braces is done, you may feel awkward at first but get used to in the end.  

Third Month

You will get used to wear the Invisalign aligner 24 hours and remove it only during eating, drinking and brushing. You will be a master in flossing and brushing over the metal braces.


It is the ending month of the Invisalign and you are close to your expectation. With the metal braces you can check that crooked teeth have attained correct posture and gaps get intact.

A Year

With Invisalign, you have already obtained an impressive smile. But, with metal braces you can opt to camouflaged brackets made up of ceramic material.

Post Treatment

You have to follow a few ways for proper maintenance and can undergo fine adjustments after the Invisalign treatment. On the other hand, your metal braces have to be eliminated and a retainer will be provided.

If you have to undergo this treatment, then you must know the detailed information about it which is mentioned above.