4 Bad Dental Habits that Bring You Back to Dental Clinics

So, you are facing dental problems in a regular basis in spite of taking good care of your teeth and gums? You brush and floss your teeth regularly, use fluoride toothpaste and visit your dentist every six months to enhance your oral health. Yet, there seems to be no end to your dental troubles that keep coming up one after the other, right? If this is the situation, then you may have some bad habits you didn’t even realise that are withering away all your effort in maintaining sound oral health. Here is a list of common bad habits that have adverse effects on your dental care.

You need to get out of these malpractices immediately, if you want to keep your gums and teeth healthier for longer.

Common bad habits that adversely affect your oral health

Wrong brushing technique and wrong toothbrush

You brush your teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste as suggested by the dentist. Yet, there is no end to formation of dents in your teeth. Many people in London face this problem. According to dental experts, either you are not following proper brushing techniques or using the wrong a toothbrush that does not suit you or both.

  • You should not involve too much force while brushing and neither should you brush the teeth too often. Your natural teeth are prone to undergo serious damage by both these activities.
  • Apply a gentle whisk with the brush to break up the plaque that gets built up on the surface of the teeth.
  • Use a toothbrush that has soft bristles and if you are not sure which type of toothbrush to choose, seek advice from your dental expert.

Biting the nails

Your nervousness shows when you bite your nails. This bad habit has lot of negative aspects. It is unhygienic for your overall health as at least a few pieces of the fingernails may be accidentally swallowed. From the aesthetic point, it makes your fingers and nails look less attractive. However, above everything else, as experts at reputed dental clinic in London point out, the nasty habit is likely to wear down the teeth, creating tiny fracturesand chips.

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching

You must have come across many people who have the habit of grinding their teeth and clenching the jaws. This is a bad habit from the aspect of sound oral health as it employs excessive force on the teeth. This excessive force may result in wearing out of the enamel, appearance of tiny fractures and other problems.

Dental problems arising from grinding and clenching of the teeth and gums are so common that there is a separate terminology to identify these cases. These types of problems are called “bruxing” across dental practices.

Replacing bottle openers with your teeth

Your teeth are not meant for replacing bottle openers or scissors. So, stop unscrewing bottle heads or reaping off tags from clothing with your teeth. If you use the proper tools for all these tasks, not only will the job be easier but your teeth and gums will also remain in better health. Studies show, when you use your mouth for those tasks, the tooth enamel is more likely to undergo fractures, cracks and chips.

Along with all the factors discussed above, if you restrict your diet on sugary foods and drinks, the teeth and gums will remain healthier and you will have lesser oral health issues to encounter.