14 Crucial Aspects of Your Invisalign Teeth Straightening Procedure

Invisalign is the cutting-edge technology for teeth straightening. A renowned orthodontist in London discusses certain crucial aspects related to the treatment in the following paragraphs. 

  • Who should I get my Invisalign treatment from?

    The best way to select your Invisalign dentist is by doing your own research to shortlist the right candidates. Then you select one from the list whom you feel comfortable with and confident about. It is important to select the right orthodontic expert along with the right clinic and the right support staff to secure the best Invisalign treatment in London. The treatment usually lasts several months at a stretch and so your selection of the right candidates at the right place is crucial. Make sure that the orthodontist you choose has sufficient experience in handling varieties of such cases.
  • Treatment cost

    The Invisalign treatment cost varies from case to case, depending on the complexity involved and the location of a clinic. The average cost ranges between£3000 and £4500 while the treatment time ranges between 12 to 18 months. If you have severe teeth misalignment issues, the cost as well as the time to finish the treatment is likely to stretch. Mild to moderate cases of teeth misalignment obviously cost lower and are over within 6 to 8 months. Many private practices offer 0% interest-free finance option to offer patients greater convenience.
  • Am I a suitable candidate for Invisalign?

    As with any other orthodontic treatment using braces, Invisalign too expects you to change your current lifestyle. You must keep the aligners on for about 22 hours a day. It is important to take off the aligners while eating or drinking anything other than plain water. If you are not dedicated to wearing the aligners, the treatment is likely to extend beyond the scheduled time. In worst case scenario, it may also not provide the desired results. The cutting-edge teeth straightening technology uses 3D graphics software to show you the final results of your treatment even before you commit to it.
  • How long do I have to wear an aligner?

    Normally each aligner lasts for 2 weeks before you switch over to the next one in the set. Ideally teeth movement should take place slowly and gently. Else the tooth root will shrink and the stability of the teeth will be compromised.
  • What is it like to have the aligners in the mouth?

    Invisalign facilitates for a gradual movement of your teeth. Thus, the treatment is overall pain-free. However, you may feel little tenderness in the mouth while changing to a new set of aligners. This is a positive thing that denotes that the treatment is working and your teeth are moving. Patients easily get adjusted to their new lifestyle with aligners in their mouth. Many patients even complain about missing their aligners after the successful completion of the treatment.
  • Are Invisalign braces easily noticeable?

    Invisalign technology uses clear, transparent, plastic aligners that remain virtually invisible in the mouth. But people are likely to find something different about you though they may not be able to point that out. The plastic aligners used in the treatment make the teeth appear shinier.
  • Invisalign and love life

    Invisalign treatment does not encroach upon your personal space nor does it interfere with your love life. You can be rest assured it won’t pose problems with dating and kissing. You have to buy those cleaning pills that dissolve in water forming a solution ideal to maintain perfect cleanliness and hygiene of your Invisalign aligners.
  • Does Invisalign affect my speech?

    There can be a lisp in your speech but that change is only temporary. The issue automatically dissolves in a few days when you get used to it.
  • Importance of Invisalign attachments

    Invisalign attachments are a crucial component of the Invisalign teeth straightening treatment. These attachments help the plastic aligners get better grip in certain areas in the mouth where the teeth need to undergo a more complex movement. Tooth-coloured composites are used as attachments. They remain invisible inside the mouth and are removed once the treatment is completed.
  • Inter-proximal reduction

    Orthodontic dentistry has evolved greatly in the recent times. As a result, it is now possible to avoid removing a healthy tooth or teeth to make room for the rest of the teeth to realign themselves. Rather, a fraction of a millimetre of the tooth enamel is carefully and accurately scrapped away to create the necessary space. This procedure or approach is called inter-proximal reduction or inter-proximal stripping.  The procedure is not harmful for your teeth but you need a skilled and experienced dentist for the purpose.
  • Keeping the aligners clean

    Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and your regular toothpaste to maintain good cleanliness and hygiene of your plastic aligners. There are cleaning tablets available in the market too. You place the pill in a small amount of water and wait till it dissolves and forms a solution. Clean the aligners with this solution to keep it free from harmful bacteria in the mouth.
  • Your diet during Invisalign

    Unlike conventional metal braces, Invisalign aligners do not restrict your diet. You can eat and drink anything you want while on Invisalign braces. However, you have to take the aligner out every time you eat or drink anything other than plain water. This is done to avoid staining of the clear, transparent aligners.
  • How often should I have to visit my orthodontist?

    You have to see the orthodontist every 8 to 10 weeks to gauge the progress of the treatment. He or she will also make tiny adjustments to your aligners to facilitate for the desired result during those visits. You will also collect the new set of aligners during those visits.
  • What are Invisalign retainers?

    Wearing retainers is crucial after any orthodontic treatment to ensure that the teeth do not sink back into their initial positions after the final set of aligners is taken out. Invisalign treatment is no different in that aspect and you have to wear the retainers for the rest of your life.

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