Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces in London

Invisible braces, known as clear braces or clear aligners, are amongst the most popular orthodontic treatments for adults who are looking for teeth straightening. They fit perfectly to the outer portion of your teeth. Though invisible braces may not be suitable for misalignment cases or complicated biting problems that can be better addressed by orthodontics, they can be used in the treatment of:

  • Crowded or widely spaced teeth
  • Overbite or overjet
  • Crooked teeth

Invisible braces can be used for older teenagers and adults, however they are not recommended for kids. Children and younger teenagers who suffer from orthodontic problems will need to use traditional metal braces with brackets on the front of the teeth. However, your orthodontist can suggest whether you are the right candidate for wearing invisible braces.

Benefits of invisible braces

  • Nearly invisible
  • Comfortable and removable
  • Free of brackets or metal to irritate your mouth
  • Brush twice a day and floss daily during the treatment
  • Get quicker results

How they work?

After the braces are fitted and your teeth gradually starts moving, you'll be fitted with a new aligner approximately every two weeks that will help the teeth to align. It is advised that you wear aligners for nearly 22 hours a day in order to get the best result.Your aligners will be created that will enable you to see how your teeth will move with each aligned before you begin the treatment and see the end result.

How long you will have to wear your braces?

If your condition is mild, you will have to wear braces for only 12 months. However, for complicated cases, it may take nearly three years.

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